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Somewhere I Belong

2020 - Ongoing

In the American West, suicide rates are two to six times higher than they are in the rest of the country.

Catron County, which has the highest rate of suicide death in the contiguous U.S., offers a window into the heart of this crisis.

Supported by: CENTER Santa Fe & The Bill Lane Center For the American West at Stanford University

Published in:

Time Magazine   Magnum Photos



2019 - Ongoing

In the Quatsino First Nation, nestled in the archipelago of North Vancouver Island, traditional chief Sonny Wallas seeks to repatriate the skeletal remains of his ancestors from museums around the world and preserve his heritage for future generations within his community.

Made in Partnership with:

The Guskimo & Cultural Heritage Society




An exploration of Cuban life & community, resulting from a chance encounter on the streets of Havana.